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Here are some links that we enjoy:
You can play almost anything on a mandolin!  Be creative, have fun, spread the word: Mandolins Rock!
My wife who enjoys photography and graphics sells designs for t-shirts, mugs, etc. via Zazzle; they have tons of designs and products.  If you can’t find the picture you want by Zazzle they have the option to design something yourself. Here’s the link to the Dutch Zazzle site:  
If you need a guitar cable, this is the place to be. A large collection of guitar cables for every price range can be found here.   Excellent cables and quality service.
Plasma Service BV in Breda is a company active in the application of thermal spray techniques for third parties. These techniques make it possible to apply long lasting or corrosion resistant coatings to a wide variety of product parts. As a result, the technical status of your machinery and equipment are highly optimized
SLIM is een afkorting voor Stichting LIchte Muziek.  SLIM is a Dutch organization that provides space for new musicians to get together and practice their music, exchange ideas, and learn whatever they need to help them with their music.  SLIM was formed in 1981 by area musicians who wanted to share their knowledge with others.
Sue works primarily with solo performers who want a top quality CD to sell at their performances.  If you’re in need of mix and masters and want them done in a dynamic range, she’s the one to contact. Her style of mixing allows for a broader mix. Spreading out the mix so that more of the entire sound is captured and heard.  
Is Muziek maken je hobby dan moet je naar Die is de winkel voor dj's tot muzikanten toe. Gezellige winkel, geweldige service, niet alleen in de winkel maar ook met hun online webshop; een fantastische ervaring voor elke muziek liefhebber. Ze hebben regelmatig Workshops die zijn gezellig en leerzaam; ook non-muzikanten kunnen hier van genieten.
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