Hi Everyone, My name is Robert and I live in my birthplace of Breda, Netherland along with my wife Cecelia who also plays guitar.  We live here with our dog Joost and our guinea pig Fonzie.  I make my living working as a metal machinist using such things as lathes, bench mills, grinders, etc.  My job made it easy for me to make new high quality parts for my guitars and mandolins.  Some of the parts I made are tuner knobs, tremolo (whammy) bar and adjustable rollerbridge.  My guitars and mandolin have all undergone some major transformations.  I’ve been playing guitar for over 30 years now and more recently, mandolin.  I’d always wanted to learn how to play the mandolin but never had the opportunity.  A few years ago my wife gave me a left handed electro acoustic mandolin for my birthday. When I first learned guitar I learned by watching other guitarists, listening to the songs and trying to play them on my own; we didn’t have internet back then.  I taught myself how to play the mandolin; fortunately now there’s a lot of free lessons available on YouTube.  Once I started to play mandolin I had a hard time finding mandolin lessons for pop/rock music.  A mandolin is a universal and beautiful sounding instrument, you can play so much more than just folk, country, or bluegrass.  I decided it might be fun to make my own mandolin lesson videos playing everything from pop to hardrock music.  Judging by the reactions it seems to be a success. At some point everyone wants to play a song they heard on the radio. Cecelia put my lessons together and created this website for me; she also maintains it and keeps it up to date. Along with the video lessons, our site has printable PDF files with the chords, solo’s and finger layout needed to play the songs in my lessons.  There’s an e-mail link if you have any questions or comments. We try to make everything as clear and interesting as possible for everyone from a beginner to the advanced musician. We want everyone to have fun with music. Robert & Cecelia
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